Indigenous Doula

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What is a doula?

A doula is a specially trained birth companion that provides support during pregnancy, labor, and after birth.

A doula does not perform any clinical procedures; rather they provide emotional, physical, and spiritual support.


Virtual Birth Support

$300 - $600


$80 per hour

  • Educational, mental, emotional, physical, spiritual support

  • Birth plan discussion

  • 24/7 support by email, text, call

  • Offer resources

Postpartum Services

$200 - 800

  • Immediate postpartum care

  • 4 Postpartum visits

  • Basics of caring for a newborn

  • Baby wearing support

  • Resources to build a circle of support


$80 per hour

  • Review breastfeeding positions and educational material

  • Provide organic, reusable breast pads

  • Herbal nipple creams

  • Resource for teas/herbs/nutrition

  • Offer partner support

Grief & Loss

$80 per hour

  • An ear to mom, partner, and family

  • Offer references for counseling

  • Womb massage

  • Women's medicines

  • Suggest reading materials

Abortion Support

$80 per hour

  • Answer questions and concerns

  • Offer resources

  • Emotional support after the procedure

  • Support during aftercare

  • Nutrition support

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